Invite a Knight Bring Living History to your classroom or event with our Norman Knight

Invite a Knight  Norman Knight

Baron Charles will explain the Feudal system of government, how Christianity influenced the Normans way of life and the great structures they built.

The Baron will tell tales of normal everyday life under Norman rule, who 'serfs' really were and how history has changed our views of them.  The introduction of Open Field Farming to England and its importance as the English population rose under Norman rule.

We will look at the Domesday book and its importance to historians, why William commissioned it in order to establish his rule.

Weaponry changed Under the Normans, Swords, Crossbows and the introduction of the Kite Shield, will be covered during the show

Compared to the cost of a traditional school visit, Invite a Knight and a visit from Baron Charles provides great value for money, and minimal disruption to lessons.

Invite a Knight  Norman Knight
Invite a Knight  Norman Knight

Baron Charles brings a highly interactive (for both teachers and students) presentation, using REAL and child (and teacher) friendly weapons, He will bring AWE and Wonder to your History lessons.

You will learn more in 1 hour than in any textbook, as Baron Charles uses his unique style to entrawl and stimulate the audience.  

The Baron will explain how the Normans changed to course of British history, how they completed the Saxon dream of a united England. He will also tell of the Harrying of the North, and the devastation it caused.

The Normans use of Cavalry and their use of stone will be discussed in detail, and how this altered the course of medieval warfare

Invite a Knight  Norman Knight
Invite a Knight  living history
Invite a Knight  Norman Knight

Baron Charles can dress in either full period Armour, or Court dress whichever you prefer (or both with a break to change).