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Bring KS2 History to Life.

Choose Invite a Knight and bring living history to YOUR school with our Viking Warrior, and add Excitement to your Lessons.

Invite a knight Vikings

A session with Jarl Frederik lasts around 1 hour, and is INTERACTIVE  both for the students and teachers!

Not only will your group learn more about the 'Viking' age than from a book, Jarl Frederik will use anecdotes to liven up the presentation and further engage his audience.

Both REAL and foam replica weapons are used to allow the interaction with the audience,  likewise shields.

A group will form a shield wall and learn how they operated, their strengths and weaknesses.

Jarl Frederik will explain in detail the main 'Viking' battles, successes and failures from the early raids to the beginning of the Norman era.

We will also cover the role of the Vikings in the downfall of Harold in 1066.

ALL sessions include a Question and Answer period, which we consider is VITAL to aid learning.

A session begins with Jarl Frederik, explaining who he is, who his ancestors were, who the worshiped and why.

Also the phrase 'to go a viking' will be properly explained!

The Jarl, will explain his armour and clothing, what purpose they served, His weapons and shield, and will allow members of the audience to try and hold a full weight 'Viking' Shield! axe and sword.

Life in the 'Viking' age will be explained, and the role of women.

ALL sessions can be delivered to groups from just a few to hundreds, for just one hge to a few small groups, it matters not to us, the price is the same 

£275 for a morning or afternoon. £400 for a full day (plus mileage if applicable) compared to a tradition outing to a museum the cost saving is huge, but more than that, the time out of the classroom is minimised. The whole school can benefit for less than the cost of a coach!

We carry £10m PLI and are enhanced DBS checked!

Invite-a-knight weapons
Invite-a-knight shield wall
Invite a knight Vikings
Invite-a-knight female viking
Invite-a-knight Viking Battle
Invite-a-Knight female viking

Jarl Frederik can dress in either full period Armour, or daily tunic whichever you prefer (or both with a break to change).

He will bring authentic Norse weapons with him for the group to see, touch and be photographed with (but not play with). Replica child safe weapons to try out.

In addition your school will be given a free copy of  the great viking game hnefatafl (pronounce neffa-taffle) for you school to keep.

All sessions include a Question and Answer session. The Jarl often uses questions as basis for his sessions.

Our Resource page contains ideas for any dress up day you may plan, with simple costume ideas.

Our Knight is enhanced DBS checked, carries £10m PLI and has years of experience in communicating with groups in an interactive and enthusiastic way. 

Let us bring History to your school or group, don't delay contact us today for further information and to secure your booking.

ALL we require from you is a regular supply of Coffee (Mead or Ale is not a good idea ! ) and bench seating for the group. A standard school table for equipment is also needed.  The Jarl needs a helper (member of staff) to help him put on his armour please.

The presentation can be performed in a classroom, but tables should be moved out of the way, to prevent it becoming 'just a talk'. The Jarl likes to move around and get the group to do the same during the presentation.

# Please tell the group in advance that Norsemen / Vikings may LOOK scary, but they are really nice folk.

Please note our Knight is NOT intended to be frightening, he is very friendly really!  Please advise before the presentation IF any children may be fearful of a stranger in costume, so he is aware of any possible issues.